The interactive lesson for 8th-grade students “The Great Northern War in Poltava region. The Battle of Poltava”

For students of the lower and upper secondary school.

The lesson is developed according to the school curriculum in History for 8th graders. The theoretical material is combined with interactivity and modern innovative technologies introduced in the museum. With the help of QR-codes, students download cartographic and additional material to their smartphones for self-study. Together with a guide using a map, they trace the path of the allied army (Swedes, Cossacks) through Ukraine and Poltava region, study the territory of Poltava fortress, independently determine the consequences of the war for Ukraine, Sweden, and Russia.

The ticket price –15 UAH per one person (admission charge) + 300 UAH (themed tour ticket) for a group of up to 25 persons.

The tour is arranged only by prior appointment (tel. +380665733182)!

At the beginning of the event, mandatory temperature screening and the availability of individual anti-epidemic face protection are required. The organizers reserve the right to refuse to provide services to the tourist if the latter has obvious symptoms of respiratory disease.

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